Social Reproduction Machine

We are invited inside the the back of a moving truck, where the Empire of $ense works tirelessly to inseminate the human with the structure of significance. The subject is seduced by the self-preservative nature of sedimented thought, and gives herself willingly to the empire. Her head is inserted into the testicular station which extracts her facial characteristics and maps them onto a 3D computer model of the fetus of $ense, as the Empire probes her flash for metaphysical singularities in order to reduce them to quantifiable properties. with a sophisticated wave scanning system, which receives and processes the many radio signals that oscillate through downtown Montreal, the Empire proceeds to extract significance from the aether and focuses it, with the laser-equipped $ense-convergence apparatus, onto the materiality of the surrogate mother’s flesh. The subject has successfully been inseminated.

April 8-9, 2006 : White Cube on the Move, Sainte-Catherine street, Montreal.

Direction : Alexander Wilson

Performance : Alexander Wilson, Mélanie Verville & Maude Poirier-Felx